The heritage of tibetan medicine for spiritual awakening and Life improving.


“True love is born from understanding.”

Siddarta Gautama

Improve your life, find your path, awaken yourself


The long road that leads us step by step, incarnation by incarnation, towards awakening, can be easier, more comfortable and faster if we know what slows us down (karmas, karmic relics and traces, or challenges) and what helps us on our journey, the knowledge of the work we have to do, the liberation from karmas and challenges, or the need to accomplish a mission that is freely chosen and not imposed.

Our Buddhist numerology theme is a message that we have sent to ourselves, to optimise our present life.

A precious gift, our numerological theme enables us to achieve awakening and liberation from all suffering, more quickly and under more pleasant conditions.

Knowing yourself is not so easy, so much so that the maxim "know thyself", wrongly attributed to Socrates, was engraved in Greek - "gnauthi seauton" - on the pediment of the temple of Delphi, which was an important centre of philosophical and esoteric teaching.


Tibetan Karmic Numerology is based on the notion of reincarnation, on the fact that all sentient beings progress from life to life to learn different lessons.

If you don't believe in this evolutionary concept, Tibetan Karmic Numerology may still be of interest to you, as it will enable you to improve your daily life by shedding light on certain aspects of your personality, some of which you may still be unfamiliar with. 

But to benefit fully from the teachings of Tibetan Karmic Numerology, we need to accept our imperfections and shortcomings, and commit ourselves to the sincere path of permanent improvement, to introspection devoid of all denial.

Buddhists call this path the BODDHICITTA, a Sanskrit term that can be translated as the 'WAY OF THE HEART'.

More than 30 parameters to calculate from first and last names at birth


Like all numerology, Buddhist numerology is calculated using the person's date of birth and first and last names.

More than 30 parameters need to be calculated and read to produce a complete theme. 

Buddhist interpretation enables us to understand the meaning of these elements, but above all it gives us the path to follow to improve our lives.



Christophe Girardin Andreani, pictured here with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and some of our students, trained as a dental surgeon. It was early in his medical studies that Christophe grasped the need for a more holistic and comprehensive approach to therapy. After decades of research, he became a professor of phytotherapy at the University of Paris 13, before founding his own school, Phytocorsa.

Particularly since his appointment as Lama Chime Rigzin Rinpoche in 2012 by the Venerable Khamdu Rinpoche at his temple in Dharamsala (Himaschal Pradesh state, northern India), Christophe has made Tibetan medicine a central element of his teaching.